Number of media mentions resulting from promotion

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Captures how many times a KM output has been mentioned in various forms of news media coverage
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This indicator captures how many times a KM output has been mentioned in various forms of news media coverage, such as print and online news sources, LISTSERVs, blogs/blog posts, television, or radio. A media mention usually indicates, to some degree, that the original output is recognized, credible, and considered authoritative.
Data Requirements: 
Quantitative data on the number of mentions in or on print, online, social media, television, or radio, and the numbers of people reached by each news media outlet, if available.
Data Sources: 
Administrative records, media outlets, reports from clipping services, media monitoring services, and internet monitoring tools, such as Google Alerts and Yahoo Pipes
Frequency of Data Collection: 
This indicator measures the media coverage of a KM output, or a group of KM outputs, and tracks the coverage to gauge the effect of reach, promotion, and outreach efforts. The media coverage can be about the KM output itself or about the issue or content featured in the KM output. News media coverage measures whether intermediaries thought their audiences would be interested and consider the issue important. Since the news media often help set political and policy agendas, an indicator of news media coverage can suggest whether policy makers might be influenced to give an issue greater priority. A news media strategy is a road map for reaching and influencing policy makers indirectly.
Issues and Challenges: 
An advantage of a media mention can be the potentially large population reached through this secondary/in-direct method of dissemination. However, the total impact may not be great if the mention is brief and most of the people listening/ watching are not interested. For web-based products, services, publications, and content, a web monitoring tool, such as Google Alerts or Yahoo Pipes, provides a quick and easy way to set up specific queries and monitor mentions in online media. A number of media monitoring services and software also cover print, television, social media, and other types of broadcasting. Several challenges may impede using a media coverage service. First, these services charge a fee, which may be beyond your project budget. Second, it can be difficult to capture all instances of media coverage, especially in broadcasts. A solution may be to organize staff when a news-making publication comes out, so they can monitor various new media outlets for coverage of the story. However, this means you need to have enough human resources to put toward this task.
Indicator Snapshots: 
From July 2012 to June 2013, the K4Health project had 52 media mentions from promotion, meeting the annual project target of 50. Many of the media mentions were by various blogs managed by other global health organizations, such as the USAID Impact Blog; by news or announcements websites, such as News Medical; and by digital health, such as the Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report.
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  • 2013
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