Number of approaches, methods, tools, or events implemented for reflection and other adaptive practices

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Short Definition: 
Refers to the number of adaptive practices (approaches, methods, tools, or events) used to facilitate the adaptive management of a project, program, or initiative
Definition and Explanation (Long): 
This indicator refers to the number of specific adaptive practices, including approaches, methods, tools, or events used to facilitate the adaptive management of a project, program, or initiative. This may include the number of in-person learning events, after-action reviews, lesson-learned workshops, communities of practice, new technologies that facilitate increased ease and frequency of interaction, or other related iterative approaches to learning and adapting. Although this indicator measures the number of approaches, this should not suggest that it is better to use more approaches. The intent is to measure the intentionally selected approaches used to facilitate adaptive management.
Data Requirements: 
Quantitative or qualitative data from programmatic records, or self-report of number of adaptive practices conducted, by type; qualitative data to provide greater insight into actual use by staff
Data Sources: 
Administrative records and reports, self-report surveys
Frequency of Data Collection: 
Quarterly, semiannually
This indicator reports the actual implementation of the planned adaptive practices that were identified to be used in the project, program, or initiative.
Issues and Challenges: 
Although a project, program, or initiative has conducted adaptive management approaches, and followed through on their identified work plan activities, it does not necessarily mean that the sessions were of high quality or contributed to programmatic improvements. Projects, programs, and initiatives may find it more useful to measure the proportion of staff using adaptive approaches, however, because the number staff may change overtime (expand and contract) it may be difficult to measure over time.

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  • 2017
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017